Personal Branding Photography

So what is Personal Branding Photography?

It’s about creating a visual stock library of images with you in the shots! Putting it briefly! Of course it’s more than that but that is the crux of what Personal Branding is.

So why have one?

There are so many reasons to! Here goes…

  • People want to buy from someone they feel they can trust (proven fact!) thus by having you in your own social media photos you start to develop the story of who you are and why you do what you do/sell etc
  • Potential customers want to hear your story – branding photos help give you the opportunity to tell your story & let me tell you – your story matters! People want to hear your story!
  • Carrying on from your story – by sharing the struggles, the battles and all the other stuff you have overcome to get to this point is priceless and motivating for others to hear! Like minded people are inspired by stories they can relate to. They help you to connect to your own tribe. And what better way to inspire your audience with your courage and passion so they too can tap into their inner strength.
  • Your own photos are…your own photos! They don’t come from a stock library that other people in the world can take from! That is, they are as unique as you
  • You are real – so now you can show that you are real and not just a voice behind your brand! People love real, authentic, passionate…you get my point!

And lastly…because you’re worth it!

Meet Jessica of Inner Vibrant

Jessica Harrington recently made a career change and ran with her heart – she moved from Graphic Designer to Naturopath. Go Jessica!! There is nothing more beautiful than to meet someone who follows their heart within their work space. So Jessica set up her Naturopathy business, Inner Vibrant!

Jessica provides Naturopathic advice for women wanting to improve their wellbeing, in particular focussing on their menstrual cycles. She also assists women before, during and after pregnancy so they have an abundance of energy during these traditionally draining periods of time!! I should know, after having 3 kids!

Jessica was referred to me by a friend who I photographed a year earlier (also for her business). Together we met and nutted out all of the details of the look and feel of what she wanted photographically for her website. Going through the details is super important so I can execute the look and feel for each brand. Along with incorporating any props and specific locations. Sometimes it is a bit of luck with what we might discover along the photo shoot journey – like the super cool jetty complete with amazing sunlight!!

As part of my brainstorming session Jessica and I came up with these key words she wanted the photos to represent of her and her business…

  • Balance
  • Connection
  • Vibrant/ Energy
  • Journey
  • Gentle
  • Respect

After working through a lot of questions to extract this and more out of Jessica we chose Port Noarlunga as our location. We also discussed colours for her clothing, a small collection of props. The main focus was to get some great shots of her so potential clients could feel they related to her through her website images.

Take a look at what we created…

Simple Professional Headshots

Still got that headshot of you from a Christmas party 5+ years ago as your LinkedIn Profile photo? Start with a simple headshot that reflects you. Want a more casual shot that shows how approachable you are? Or perhaps you need a photo that inspires your tribe and shows you as a knowledgable leader in your field.

I will help you connect with your target audience, help you build your brand of you and bring awareness to what you offer!

Message, email or call me to chat about your headshot.

Brand Photography by Carly – Adelaide, South Australia
I specialise in Brand & Content Photography – call me a Brandographer if you will! With a passion for branding and photography. I completed my Bachelor of Business Management at the Uni of SA with a Major in Marketing many moons ago and 16 years ago began my career in photography. I now combine the two, along with being a Certified Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Liguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy so we step into your values and focus for your brand of you.

What can I expect from my Brand Photo Shoot?

Let’s keep it simple for starters! (This doesn’t need to be complex!)

Our first step is a Brainstorming session (either in person or over zoom or the phone). In this session I look into your values, personality, aesthetic and your story behind your business. We discuss your pillars for social media, key words for how you would like future customers to view you & your business alone with many other elements to bring out all the juicy details we can convert into images.

Next step is to confirm the location for your photo shoot, outfit ideas, styling and timing.

On Photo shoot day I recommend booking in a hair and make up artist to make you look fabulous. Not only will you feel amazing, because having your hair and make up done you will find yourself in the zone and being that person you have visualised to be! And being a qualified Hypnotherapist, if you need help getting into the zone I can help you relax and step into your higher self.

During the photoshoot it is my aim to keep you relaxed and I will constantly show you the photos so you can see how you are moving, how the shots are looking and this way we can discuss what else we can do to tweak any of them or come up with additional ideas!

Post photo shoot I will sort through the photos and edit them. From here I will set up an online gallery for you to privately view the images where you can choose your favourites and pick the ones you wish to download!

fun facts about me

  1. I’ve played lacrosse since I was 8 (ummm let’s not add up those years!)
  2. I have 3 kids and family is the most important thing to me
  3. I wanted to be a Chiropractor when I was 15
  4. I learnt to sew at a very young age (my seamstress mother was – and still is, an amazing teacher!)
  5. I prefer bubbles on a Friday night!
  6. I used to love coffee but don’t cope with the caffeine so I had to quit it
  7. I adore doing anything creative
  8. I am a high achiever
  9. I first picked up a film camera in 1994
  10. One of my marketing roles had me out and about with Ronald McDonald and his crew at the local McDonald Restaurants (oh man they were some fun days!)