About Brand Photography

As a business owner, you don't just need headshots for your website, you need a gallery of one-of-a kind photos that communicate your brand aesthetic, unique personality and brand story.

Afterall, you are what makes your business unique, so in order to attract your dream clients and stand out in your niche you need to communicate your authenticity and professionalism through your photographs.


Brand photography is a mix of brand strategy, creative direction and photography to ensure the end result is an array of photographs that are beautiful, high quality and strategic that can be used across all your marketing platforms.


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Hello! I am Carly - mum, wifey, lacrosse player, photographer, avid traveller and light chaser!!


I started working solely for myself 17 years ago and I've never looked back!

For me working with people is what I love - creating those connections and conversations.


My ideal photo shoots are always ones where I am working with a client in nature. Intertwining the beauty of our natural world with yours and the vision of your business.


Together let's chase the beautiful light and make you a unique library of photos for your business as gorgeous as you!