What can I expect from my Brand Photo Shoot?

Let’s keep it simple for starters! (This doesn’t need to be complex!)

Our first step is a Brainstorming session (either in person or over zoom or the phone). In this session I look into your values, personality, aesthetic and your story behind your business. We discuss your pillars for social media, key words for how you would like future customers to view you & your business alone with many other elements to bring out all the juicy details we can convert into images.

Next step is to confirm the location for your photo shoot, outfit ideas, styling and timing.

On Photo shoot day I recommend booking in a hair and make up artist to make you look fabulous. Not only will you feel amazing, because having your hair and make up done you will find yourself in the zone and being that person you have visualised to be! And being a qualified Hypnotherapist, if you need help getting into the zone I can help you relax and step into your higher self.

During the photoshoot it is my aim to keep you relaxed and I will constantly show you the photos so you can see how you are moving, how the shots are looking and this way we can discuss what else we can do to tweak any of them or come up with additional ideas!

Post photo shoot I will sort through the photos and edit them. From here I will set up an online gallery for you to privately view the images where you can choose your favourites and pick the ones you wish to download!