Meet Jayne Lehman of Ed Health

I honestly have to pinch myself some days with the amazing women I get to work with and create images for! I met Jayne at a wedding, one of her girl, Bree, she employs was my client (I was doing her wedding!) and at the end of the day I sat down with Jayne and Kirrily for a quick bite to eat before I finished for the day. We got chatting about what they do and some months later we were meeting up to have a chat about creating some team images for Jayne’s new website she was having created.

Jayne is one of these amazing women, incredibly talented with the vision of a business ninja! She set up EdHealth to specifically providing services to support people with diabetes with a cognitive disability. She trains and supports workers, advocates for change, is influencing opinions within the public and private practice, and innovates within this sector.

I was seriously blown away by what Jayne has created and the impact she has had. As she puts it, no one wants to talk about this because it’s incredibly hard. Jayne had a daughter with a disability so she has lived first hand with someone who needed the skills she acquired as she managed the day to day needs of her girl.

I absolutely loved working with these three women, each bringing to the table a set of unique skills and talents that bring EdHealth to life.

During our brainstorming session we wanted the shoot to represent EdHealth as…

  • Caring
  • Effective
  • Person Centred
  • Team work
  • Focussed
  • Brave
  • Confidence/ Trust

As part of the photo shoot we wanted to ensure we captured team shots of the girls together, in both posed and relaxed, movement shots, demonstration shots of Jayne educating people, head shots of everyone, and various product shots. In regards to location, we agreed we needed a blend of nature and structure with a professional look and feel. We had planned on working along the River Torrens but chose the Adelaide Oval entrance on the east side as the clean lines of the grounds worked well with the landscaping. We did move to the other side of the river for additional head shots and product shots. I can’t wait to see their final website!