Personal Branding Photography

So what is Personal Branding Photography?

It’s about creating a visual stock library of images with you in the shots! Putting it briefly! Of course it’s more than that but that is the crux of what Personal Branding is.

So why have one?

There are so many reasons to! Here goes…

  • People want to buy from someone they feel they can trust (proven fact!) thus by having you in your own social media photos you start to develop the story of who you are and why you do what you do/sell etc
  • Potential customers want to hear your story – branding photos help give you the opportunity to tell your story & let me tell you – your story matters! People want to hear your story!
  • Carrying on from your story – by sharing the struggles, the battles and all the other stuff you have overcome to get to this point is priceless and motivating for others to hear! Like minded people are inspired by stories they can relate to. They help you to connect to your own tribe. And what better way to inspire your audience with your courage and passion so they too can tap into their inner strength.
  • Your own photos are…your own photos! They don’t come from a stock library that other people in the world can take from! That is, they are as unique as you
  • You are real – so now you can show that you are real and not just a voice behind your brand! People love real, authentic, passionate…you get my point!

And lastly…because you’re worth it!