Hate being in front of the camera?

Hey I know how you feel! I get it. The minute I’m in front of the camera (and not behind it!) I feel like a reindeer in headlights!!!

Hello Personal Brand Photo shoot!

I know what you’re thinking – “I don’t want to be in the photos I use in my business, I look terrible in photos, why would my customer want to see me?I hate being photographed and I’m really awkward and do not know how to pose!” Sound familiar?

I get it – you don’t feel good enough, you don’t think you look great in front of the camera and you just can’t imagine yourself being the front and centre of attention!

Repeat after me…

I belong. My gifts are needed in this world. I am capable. I have all the tools I need to navigate through any obstacles that may arise today. I recognise and identify negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs when they arise in my mind, and I have the power to change them. I can let go of negativity. Anxiety, shame and fear do not hold power over me. I choose instead to embrace positive, life affirming thoughts that build me ups and enable me to better serve others.” *

I am here to tell you that your customers want to connect with a person, someone they can relate to, trust, respect and empathise with. As humans we are drawn to story. People want to know the ‘story’ behind the person and they then find elements to relate to which supports them buying from you. So through a Personal Branding photo shoot we build your story, the trust and respect in your images so you can step into your higher self, be a leader in your field and demonstrate the authority you set out to show.

You can relax…we’ve got this!
Together we do a brainstorming session where I tap into your story, your why’s, your target market, what image you want to attach to your brand and the style you are after.

Let’s keep this simple – if you had a library of images that are you – unique – one of a kind images that are all about you and your business – truly you! Images that set you apart from your competitors, ones that show your uniqueness, showcase what you uniquely have to offer (your competitive edge) and truly speak to your ideal customer wouldn’t that make you feel amazing?! Because not only when you decide to step up and get photos done for your personal branding, you take a step up into your higher self reinforcing your gift you have to offer.

Now isn’t that what you really want?!

So where to now?

  1. Schedule an appointment for your brainstorming session (see bottom below)
  2. We spend 1-2 hours brainstorming you, your business and what branding you want to put out there.
  3. I pull together an action plan of the shoot, location(s) & we set a date plus time of day
  4. Hair and make up booked in on the day of the photo shoot > lights, camera, action!!
  5. Post editing I set you up an online gallery
  6. Select your favourite images + download your chosen collection of images*
  7. Post your images to social media, business card, email signature, Linked In Profile, Facebook and your website (or wherever you need them!)