Tips for Launching your Personal Brand

Here are a few tips to assist in launching your personal brand to guide your social media and networking…

  • Set up your campaign launch task sheet – this is like building your social media muscle, being organised and consistent with your posting on social media
  • Send out conversational content – by creating content that is live, real and involves other people will assist in driving your personal brand. Get involved with others too in sharing others posts that relate to you and your brand.
  • Give more than you receive – by sharing, forwarding and reposting content. Remember that it’s not all about you. It’s about developing relationships online.
  • Be aware of criticism (and ignore most of it) – Be aware that you may face criticism at some point. It’s most likely due to jealousy. The best thing you can do is ignore it and move on!
  • Be consistent – if you think of your personal brand as a relationship just like one with a loved one, you can understand that it takes time and consistent love to work on that relationship making it stronger.
  • It won’t happen overnight – but it will happen! – Just like the Pantene ad your launch is a process, building your brand is going to take time and energy that will build a healthy and strong personal brand! Followers will gradually tap into your branding and if they like it they will keep coming back, then sharing and cheering you on. Stay positive and know you’re in it for the long term.
  • About being socially awkward – imagine having a conversation with someone who changes the topic every minute! You would probably start to feel slightly frustrated (I know I would) because you can’t follow what they are saying – the same goes with your social media. Apply the same principal – create a list of what you want to say that creates consistency and in general supports you and your brand.
  • Broaden your toolbox – don’t just rely on one tool, like Facebook for example. Have you considered the likes of Pinterest or Twitter? Your brand could be suitable for a variety of platforms. But in saying that, you don’t need to be across all of them (that could do your head in!). Focus on what works best for you and your brand and be consistent.
  • Don’t share unworthy content – we all know those moments when someone has shared something on social media that has made us cringe or take a step back wondering why on earth they shared or posted it! We all know what is content worthy!
  • Don’t hard sell – yep..we’ve all seen it, the person who loves to hand around their card pushing their business onto you, assuring you they can be of assistance. Same goes with social media – build the relationship first so your audience is inspired by your story, they know where you’re coming from and now they can see how you can help them. Start with a conversation and go from there!

These are just a few tips from “Branding yourself” by Erik Deckers and Kyle Lacy.